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Welcome to the MCWD Permit Page.

If you need immediate assistance, please call our Engineering Permits/Inspections Request Line: (760) 965-6054 or email:

Permit ProcessPermit RequirementsAdministrative Extension FormCALGREEN Residential Mandatory MeasuresWater Standard DetailsWater CodeSewer CodeMammoth Lakes Town Zoning Map 

Parcel Viewer for Mono County

For Connection Permit Fees see Section 3: Permit and Plan Checking Fees – Engineering and Landscape of the Master Fee Schedule 

Construction Permits 
Backflow - (for New Construction) 
Landscape & Irrigation 

MCWD’s water supply shortage level may limit or prohibit installation of landscape. See our Homepage for current water restriction level. Compliance with Town of Mammoth Lakes Water Efficient Lanscape Ordinance (WELO) is required for all new irrigation systems and all irrigation systems being modified. Additional information can also be found on the California Department of Water Resources (WELO).

A separate irrigation meter may be required for new installations or modifications. 

Permits to install landscaping are required for any customer proposing to replace fifteen percent (15%) or more of existing landscaping, and for new construction projects with a landscape area equal to greater than five hundred (500) square feet.

Installation of an approved backflow prevention assembly is required for all irrigation systems and must be installed prior to irrigation system connection if an RP assembly is not installed on the main line.

Landscape Irrigation Permit Application


Please take all the above into consideration prior to ordering plants and/or landscape materials and see our Outdoor Conservation and Turf Replacement Rebate Program pages for resources and recommended plant lists. 


To schedule an inspection, click the link below for the appropriate inspection. Please include permit number, project description, site address and any additional information needed. Staff will respond to you accordingly. Please keep in mind inspections are usually scheduled in the afternoon during the work week.

Select the type of inspection you are interested in and an email box will pop-up:

If you need immediate assistance, please contact Kristina Roberts, Permit Official and Inspections directly at (760) 965-6054. 

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) 

All Food Service Establishments (FSE), new and existing, must comply with MCWD’s FOG Control Program (fats, oils, grease). Any existing FSE or Property Owner which substantially changes its menu, operations, or tenant improvements, shall submit in writing a detailed description of the proposed changes. Requirements for FOG Control Program compliance including the potential use of a Grease Control Device (such as grease trap) will be assessed by MCWD based on the information contained in the description and an inspection. FOG permits, waivers, stays, or variances may be revoked, replaced, or amended as the changed circumstances warrant.

For more FOG information please click here

Trucked Recycled Water Use Permit 

The Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board has approved MCWD’s Notice of Applicability for recycled water use. Trucked recycled water from the District is now available for use within Mammoth Lakes.  

Click here for updated information and requirements


A General Use Permit, obtained from the District, is required. Users must agree to comply with the state requirements for recycled water use, and vehicles must be inspected by District staff. The use of trucked recycled water outside the District’s service area is not allowed at this time. A new permit will be issued if trucked recycled water is allowed outside the service area.

If you have any questions, please contact the MCWD Operations Superintendent at 760-934–2596 ext. 231, or the Wastewater Chief Plant Operator at 760-934-2596 ext. 235.