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About MCWD


The Mammoth Community Water District is committed to carefully and effectively managing and maintaining our local water resources. The District provides water and wastewater services to meet the health and safety needs of the community. All work is conducted in a safe, financially sound, and high quality manner. We are committed to our customers and the environment in which we live.

2022/2023 MCWD Annual Report

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Board Members

Mammoth Community Water District is a California Special District governed by a five-member Board of Directors. The Directors are elected by the registered voters of Mammoth Lakes to four-year staggered terms, with elections held in even numbered years. For more information on election procedures and deadlines, please visit the Mono County Elections page. All Directors are appointed to Board committees and are liaisons to other governmental and community boards as well as regional and national associations and organizations.

Thomas R. Smith


Thomas Cage

Vice President

Betty Hylton


Gary Thompson


Staff By Department

The MCWD Staff provides water, wastewater and recycled water services to a resident population of 8,200 and up to as many as 35,000 people during holiday periods. There are seven departments with forty three full-time employees. An additional eight to fifteen staff members are hired on seasonally to help with various construction and maintenance projects.

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MCWD Facts

District Area

Acreage: 3,722 acres / 5.8 square miles

Primary Land Use: Residential, commercial

Population: 8,200 permanent residents / 33,500 persons on peak winter weekends



Date of Formation: August 5, 1957

Governing Body: A 5-member Board of Directors elected by the registered voters of Mammoth Lakes

Staff: 43 full-time employees, plus seasonal employees as needed; overseen by a General Manager


Facilities and Operation

Wastewater Treatment Plant (original): Constructed 1965 (upgraded in 1980, 1982, 1992, 2004, 2007)

Administration Building: Constructed 1971

Vehicle Maintenance Building: Constructed 1975

Groundwater Treatment Plant 1: Constructed 1988

Lake Mary Plant: Constructed 1978; (Capacity 3.1 million gallons per day)

Groundwater Treatment Plant 2: Constructed 1994

Engineering/Operations Building: Constructed 1998

Vehicle Storage Building: Constructed 2000

Recycled Water Facility: Constructed 2009

Photovoltaic Power Plant: Constructed 2010-2011 (see separate handout for more details)

Equipment Storage Building: Constructed 2016

Water Lines: 80 miles

Sewer Lines: 75 miles

Surface Water Source: Lake Mary

Groundwater Sources: 9 Production wells / 30 Monitoring wells (throughout the Mammoth Lakes Basin)


Fun Facts

Average Drinking Water Demand: 1.33 Million Gallons/Day (MGD) from October – April

Average Demand During Irrigation Season: 3-5 Million Gallons/Day (MGD) from May – September

Wastewater Flow (average): 1.14 MGD

Biggest Wastewater Flows: Occur during President’s Week in February

Changed name from Mammoth County Water District to Mammoth Community Water District: 1994